77. “A Cruel Trade”

There was a report about 2 months ago in the papers about the cruelty met out to Australian cattle in Egypt. I did some search on the net and came across this TV transcript done a few years ago from the slaughter house there.

Here is a sentence from that report:

Richard Carleton : And then the barbarous process begins. Stabbing the cattle in the eye, at this stage, is either to disorient the beast, or its just gratitious cruelty. Next, the tendons in the back legs are slashed so that the beast can’t run away. Then, in that crippled state, the beast is led to the slaughter. Can’t show you a lot of that footage. It really is just too upsetting.

For the full read, please go now to

Many of you might not read the rest of the article from the link above because you may consider it as too disturbing. But you must read it and be overwhelmed. I am hoping that we will step up our efforts to help the cow across the world. It’s our duty.


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