314. Talking Windows

There is a new commercial ad delivery system coming our way. Talking train windows. Yup – as you drop your head against the train window to have a sleep, an ad is played to your ear which only you can hear. Check out the video to get an idea.

I was thinking – what would really help these tired urban hard working people are small spiritual quotes and instructions that can be served to their year using the same medium. Atleast that way, they can improve their lives and those of others too.


258. About.me

about.me – This is a fantastic online business card for those actively involved in preaching. You could have this in your email signature or quickly given away on the streets or an in-house program to guests. If you have one or once done, please share your Vanity URL in comments for all devotees to have a look at. Let’s see how creative we get. Let’s try it out !