Why all this?

Hare Krishna !

My name is Krishna Kumar Dasa, living in Australia. I shall use these online pages to put down the various steps I will be taking or have taken in my efforts to progress in Krishna Conciousness (KC).  Your visits and comments will be considered in helping me grow in KC.

9 days, 8 Nights refers to the length of time I spent in Sri Vrindhavan Dham (a spiritual holy place in India) in Sept 2007 while I was there for the first time during the Sri Krishna Janmashtami Festival. This is when I had the thought to start a blog along this theme.

Hopefully, I will have interesting things to put down here and be as disciplined as possible to write consistently.

But I must remember at all times :
“I am not the blog, I am a Spirit Soul ! “


11 thoughts on “Why all this?

  1. Wonderful Blog!
    Happy to see someone from Australlia being such an ardent devotee. My wishes for you and your blog. I guess the strength of your blog is Variety, so please do keep posting similarily.
    Do visit my blog and offer your suggestions. http://ramanujadasan.wordpress.com/

    Ramanuja Dasan.

  2. Thank you for visiting this little initiative of mine Ramanuja Dasan Prabhu. Hope we both keep our commitment to our blog writings and meet more and more Sri Krishna devotees this way too. I shall visit your part of the world too from time to time.
    Hari Bol,

  3. Hare Krishna! I found the home page of guruvayur really interesting. Thankyou for sharing it! All the best for your efforts to maintain the blog… jai sri vrndavan dham!!!

  4. Dear Manoj Prabhu,

    I enjoyed reading articles on your blog.
    Aniruddha Prabhu’s recent post on ISKCON Melbourne website was a pointer for me to visit your site. I liked most articles on your website. The story about your cat was quite wonderful and the Vyasa Puja offering from Sivarama Swami very moving. I found inspiration in your great effort in garlanding the Krishna deity at your home and helping devotees at Big Day Out.

    Please continue this service to Krishna

    Hare Krishna

  5. Dear Manish Prabhu,

    Nice to meet you. Thank you for your kind words and this will only help me in posting articles which I hope will continue to be interesting. If you dont see articles from my end for some time, it probably means that I am traveling, sick or helping out at the Hare Krishna kitchen. But I will be back ! If you never see any articles ever again, it probably means that I have taken Sanyasa and went away 🙂

    That cat was very special. So human in its display of emotions. And the vyasa puja offering was truly something. I thought about it for many days. I also enjoyed the Krishna poem that I posted. Did you read that prabhu? Garlanding the old Krishna deity and planting tulasi in the backyard was truly memorable for me too. It was so sudden. I just got up and did it. I have 2 more event participation that I need to post. Will do so soon.

    Hari Bol,

  6. Manoj Prabhu,

    My poem sense is a bit under developed (Should have done a minor in liberal arts :)) but I liked the fact that George praised Lord Krishna. I really liked the photos of Vrindhavan Dham by Sanzen. Regarding your recent post “Totally Blew it”,
    I have had a lot of such experiences ranging from job interviews to talking to maharajs. I think preparation is in our hand the final result isn’t. This makes me think how hard it must be to remember Lord Krishna when departing from this body.
    Can we ever be well prepared? The following purport by Srila Prabhupada from Sri Isopanisad is quite relevant:

    “Unlike the simple animals, who have no developed mind, the dying human being can remember the activities of his life like dreams at night; therefore his mind remains surcharged with material desires, and consequently he cannot enter into the spiritual kingdom with a spiritual body. The devotees, however, develop a sense of love for Godhead by practicing devotional service to the Lord. Even if at the time of death a devotee does not remember his service to the Lord, the Lord does not forget him. This prayer is given to remind the Lord of the devotee’s sacrifices, but even if there is no such reminder, the Lord does not forget the service rendered by His pure devotee.”

    Hare Krishna

  7. Dear Manish Prabhu,
    That last para you wrote about what Srila Prabhupada mentions in Sri Isopanisad blew my mind away. Thank you so much for writing this. I have always thought after I finish my 16 rounds, “Good God. My mind went away to a zillion places and got back. And so less on Krishna. How am I going to remember Krishna during the last moments of my life?”. But what you said encouraged me much today.
    Hare Krishna

  8. What Manish Prabhu has said is true. It’s difficult for us normail humans to remeber Sriman Narayana at death-bed. But He doesnt forget us. But He expects us to do just one thing, surrender to Him [Saranagathi] and say “Dear God, I am nothing without you. I surrender to You. Its your duty to take care of me”.

    Once we surrender to Him, He takes it as his responsibilty to deliver us from this Materail world. There is nothing to worry then after and we just need to do our Karma Yoga [the duties that is expected of us] and BE HAPPY.

    Hare Krishna! Hare Rama!


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