Save Cows

Please my dear citizens of the world !

It’s time we did all that we can to save this beautiful, friendly and the most beneficial animal in the world – the cow. We have so much to gain by letting them live rather than slaughtering them. Ancient scriptures consider killing of cows as the greatest crime and her protection as the greatest act of compassion. Won’t you join me to Save Cows?













01 June 2013 was the first time, I announced to the world that we must have a Save Cows day. Being the middle of the year, it was nice to remember the peace loving cow and have the day dedicated to its protection. My hope is that all animal lovers on 01 June every year will declare to their friends, announce on social media and speak with those who care to listen the importance of not king animals for food, experiments and sports – and especially the cow. All the best! Let me know here how it all went.


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