78. Different opinions

I was having a loooong conversation few days back with an Indian gentleman who immensely hated two things in his life – Relatives and Religion. I listened to him with great interest as he narrated his experiences starting from 1950s to 2008 on these two issues. This was probably the only time when I didn’t explain the concepts of religion or spirituality or God. It was just interesting to listen to his bad experiences even though I had great pity for the man. Anyways, he shared a joke with me to illustrate a particular point related to greed and ignorance. I am sharing it with you here :

Once the United Nations send out an email to important delagates from around the world to get their views on food shortage. They phrased the question as:

“Honestly, tell us…in your opinion, is there really a food shortage in the rest of the world?” 

Few days later, delegates from certain countries got back needing some clarification on the question.

African said : What do you mean by “food”?
Chinese asked : What do you mean by “in your opinion”?
American enquired : What do you mean by “rest of the world”?
Indian asked : What do you mean by “honestly”?


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