367. Rain & Kirtan

Stepped out of home and didn’t realize the rain was so strong! Seemed like a mini storm out there – thrashing rain and wind. Unable to hold the umbrella open, i ran to the temple as fast as i could. Full drenched now, changing shoes with someone else’s and gathering few devotees, took the tram to city to help setup the evening kirtan night program. Got there and helped put it all up and ready to welcome the guests. Then i was told if i could open the night for all. Gathering up some strength, thoughts and words, i said a few things over the microphone welcoming everyone. I could have done better i think but what to do now? Anyways, the kirtans have started and everyone is absolutely relaxed and meditative. Me too.



296. Not your body to everybody

Attended a deep lecture by His Holiness Janananda Goswami Maharaj at our Urban Yoga centre in the city yesterday. We had guests from many parts of the world – South America, Vietnam, USA, UK, Singapore. And for them they hear for the first time – they are not who they think they are – either by body, either by nationality or by culture. They were becoming more and more aware that they could also pursue spirituality because they were one themselves.

What’s the next step, many ponder.