284. “How Might We Die Well?”

How Might We Die Well?.

On a complete randomness, I came across this interesting article (when you click on the link above), where the author has written an interesting post on dying well or precisely, creating conditions so that we may die well.

The Dying Valentine Gode-Darel - Ferdinand Hodler

It’s great that there are still people out there who are thinking that life isn’t permanent after all. In the article, the author makes 5 important “must-haves” :

1. Dying well means that you have access to quality health care and quality death care

2. Dying well means that your community will hold you, in death as they did in life, and will not abandon you

3. Dying well means that you have prepared things such that you might have peace of mind about those you leave behind

4. Dying well means having your wishes about your own death process known and followed

5. Dying well means practicing dying

What do you all think? As practicing Hare Krishna devotees, I am sure we will have a deeper spiritual insight to these observations. Will you share your understandings & realizations in comments here? I shall post my understandings in my next blog post or perhaps in comments too.

Pic : Wikipaintings