371. Being Thankful

Perhaps casually, perhaps loosely, perhaps as a habit, perhaps everyday, we say 2 words – Thank you – words that can be so life changing. In most cases, our utterance of thanks happens when we have received something we want. But to be thankful to a person or a situation, when it’s completely unfavourable to one’s life is a difficult thing to do. In such situations, we often blame others, or our fate or worse, God. The ancient scriptures of the East requires that every human being understand that we get what we deserve. It’s only a reaction that has manifested due to a past action. The action could be from this lifetime or a previous one. The devotees of Lord Krishna however, accept any challenging situation as a blessing from Him. They do not distinguish between what is good, bad or ugly. This comes from their heart’s full acceptance that they have somehow or another secured an opportunity to remember and worship the Lord. Everything else is just a temporary distraction. If the whole world thought this way, will there ever be hatred, crime, war and anxiety?


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