370. Dr. Krishna

Today morning’s Bhagavatam class was held by Gokuleshwar prabhu, i believe is from ISKCON Juhu (India) temple. At least that’s what i learnt from a Google search 🙂 Should have asked someone at the temple. Anyway, what I wanted to say was that it was a great class. It was funny, insightful and a great reminder of where we stand in life.


His allotted verse was from Srimad Bhagavatam, 9.16.24:


sva-dehaṁ jamadagnis tu labdhvā saṁjñāna-lakṣaṇam ṛṣīṇāṁ maṇḍale so ‘bhūt saptamo rāma-pūjitaḥ


sva-deham—his own body; jamadagniḥ—the great sage Jamadagni; tu—but; labdhvā—regaining; saṁjñāna-lakṣaṇam—showing full symptoms of life, knowledge and remembrance; ṛṣīṇām—of the great ṛṣis; maṇḍale—in the group of seven stars; saḥ—he, Jamadagni; abhūt—later became; saptamaḥ—the seventh; rāma-pūjitaḥ—because of being worshiped by Lord Paraśurāma.


Thus Jamadagni, being worshiped by Lord Paraśurāma, was brought back to life with full remembrance, and he became one of the seven sages in the group of seven stars.


The seven stars revolving around the polestar at the zenith are called saptarṣi-maṇḍala. On these seven stars, which form the topmost part of our planetary system, reside seven sages: Kaśyapa, Atri, Vasiṣṭha, Viśvāmitra, Gautama, Jamadagni and Bharadvāja. These seven stars are seen every night, and they each make a complete orbit around the polestar within twenty-four hours. Along with these seven stars, all the others stars also orbit from east to west. The upper portion of the universe is called the north, and the lower portion is called the south. Even in our ordinary dealings, while studying a map, we regard the upper portion of the map as north.

Source: Vanisource

From that simple verse, he expounded important points covering topics such as death, power of time, Krishna’s mindset, why He has pastimes, role of Brahmanas and Kshatriyas, hollow statements of space scientists and our own acceptance of Krishna. Some main points below:

  1. Death is inevitable and irreversible. It will force you to disconnect and lose everything you have materially.
  2. The hand of invisible “Time” is present in everything and everywhere. But, we ignore it or forget it.
  3. Krishna’s giving of mercy to someone seems illogical at times but the truth of the matter is that we can’t use our logic to understand Krishna’s actions.
  4. Krishna performs pastimes for the benefit of humanity and to attract us more and more towards Him. Otherwise, He can easily kill each asura one by one with just a heart attack!
  5. When there is a problem, a brahmana offers a solution via knowledge, a Kshatriyas offers it through action, a vaishya through a profit motive and a sudra through a crude emotion. Same problem but each answers/actions belongs to the 3 modes of goodness, passion or ignorance.
  6. Universe did not generate from a Big Bang but generated from a Big Brain! Even if it came from an explosion, then it must be a controlled and an organised explosion in which case, the question arises, “who is the controller of that controlled explosion?”
  7. We have to accept the daily prescriptions of “Dr. Radha Gopinath” with complete trust and faith.

I really enjoyed the last point about Dr. Krishna. As prabhu said, the prescriptions of the doctor is always different for every patient and it might not always be tasty. It can be bitter  & painful, perhaps a long term treatment too. At times, the treatment doesn’t make sense either. But, if we accept the doctor’s instruction with complete faith, patience and action, we will get better. “Dr. Krishna’s” allotment of events, trials and tribulations in our lives may not make sense at all either now or later, but if we take it with the understanding that this is what is meant for my life today and tomorrow, and carry on with life – we will surely attain the lotus feet of the Supreme Lord one day. All liberated patients (acharyas & saints) have clearly promised this.

So, let’s start getting treated! Go to your temple, associate with the devotees, perform service, listen to spiritual discourses, gaze at the deity form of the Lord and continue to accept the favourable and unfavourable situations of life. You will get better one day 🙂



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