357. A letter to the heart

I received this email from a senior devotee friend few days ago. I have read it twice and I find it absolutely amazing, fulfilling and true. The letter has everything that a devotee could ask for – hope, affection, guidance and love.

Letter from H.H. Radhanath Swami Maharaj

To the Worshipable Devotees of Sri Sri Radha GopinathBrahmacari Ashram and Congregation,

Please accept my respectful obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada. I am very grateful to receive the very kind letters, which many of you have sent to me.Thank you very much. I have been traveling quite extensively. At present I am at Purandara Misra
Prabhu’s home near Viareggio in Italy. Last night we
had a program on a high mountain in a dense forest of
olive trees. We were gathered amidst large ancient
rocks and beautiful caves. I was very much remembering
Gahvarvan in Vrajadham. In that natural, austere
atmosphere everyone was very pleased to worship Sri
Radha Vrajasundara by hearing Their glories and
chanting Their Sacred names.
I cannot properly express to you the major impact that
all of you are having on thousands of peoples lives all
over the world. It is certainly difficult to believe
how Srila Prabhupada is allowing you to be so very
instrumental in inspiring faith and hope in devotees
hearts. I beg of you, be very careful to protect the
sacred service, which you are being blessed with.
Please remain humble and united under all
circumstances. Kali will present every possible reason
for you to disagree and feel enmity for each other. We
must take shelter of the higher principle of bhakti.
The root cause of all of our problems is that we want
to be the cnjoyer. We must humbly surrender to the
precious jewel that Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu has blessed
us with. The divine consciousness of being the sincere
servant of the servant of the servant.
While performing japa, bhajan and kirtan strive to be
enthusiastic and attentive. Carefully guard against the
ten offences. They are like highway robbers always
waiting to plunder you of the all the fruits of your
devotional service. Seek shelter of the Holy Names from
the core of your hearts. Desperately beg for humility,
honesty and a deep desire for pure bhakti.
Continuously, allow the nectarean Ganga of the Holy
Name to wash away all sins and water the seed of Divine
Love. May your sincere chanting of the Maha Mantra
attract the most precious mercy of Sri Radharani. Hari
Katha will nourish your heart with the unlimited mercy
of Sri Guru and Gauranga. Each day bathe your
consciousness in Srila Prabhupada’s books and our
Vaisnava Sastras. Earnestly pray for genuine eagerness
to hear and chant the divine messages of our
Worshipable Parampara.
Absorb your consciousness for Krishna’s pleasure in
everything you do at every moment of your lives. Be
enthusiastic to perform each and every service you are
given with sincere gratitude. Complaining is the
pastime of the mind immersed in petty selfishness.
Meditate upon the humility of our beloved Acaryas.
Although they are eternally immersed in the sweetest
rasas of Vrindaban’s Lila, they consider themselves
lower than the worm in stool, paying their heartfelt
dandavats to every devotee, feeling themselves to be
the most fallen, praying with the heart of an
insignificant beggar. Without sincerely striving to
imbibe this sacred mood of humility, our knowledge will
remain theoretical and will expect to be worshipped
while seated on the ornamented throne of the material
Please, never forget the infinite causeless mercy that
Srila Prabhupada has bestowed upon you. He is your
eternal well wisher. His mercy is all that we are made
of. As the preeminent Guru of your life, Srila
Prabhupada is eager to shower His Divine Grace upon
Always remain faithful to his Divine Mission.
Never lend your ears to those who try to delude you by
the propaganda that they possess the key to something
Dance and chant together in great joy. Study together.
Preach together. Honor prasadam together. Worship the
mood of being a servant and see all others as your
master. Honor all vaisnavas and vaisnavis with great
care and from the heart.
In a hundred year old building in Chowpatty, Bombay,
Srila Prabhupada is miraculously revealing the
transcendental abode of Sri Sri Radha Gopinath. Please,
remain united, faithful, humble and pure. Throughout
the world; many are depending upon you.
With whatever insignificant sincerity I have, I place
my lowly head at your holy feet and beg you to take
these words as your life and soul.
I pray that Sri Sri Radha Gopinath may forever bless
you with Their causeless mercy. I hope this letter
meets you in the best of health.
Your servant,
Radhanath Swami hare krishna


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