350. HH Bhaktivinoda Swami visit

Last weekend, i had the great privilege to meet His Holiness Bhaktivinoda Swami. The meet came as a complete surprise. It seemed he had expressed an interest to visit our yoga centre in the city and perhaps lead a short kirtan.

Running up the stairs, i was mentally preparing on what to say to prepare him for the evening. It would be a short meeting i was told as he had only recently arrived. But we spoke for an hour almost!!

Maharaj spoke at length about his activities in South India and his great ambition to learn about various outreach activities at various ISKCON temples. His mannerisms and enthusiasm was very youthful and energetic.

Anyways, he arrived at our venue in the evening and truly stole the show with a wonderful kirtan dedicating it to the life and values of Nelson Mandela who had passed away the day before.


After his kirtan, i mentioned on the microphone to him, “Thank you for turning the place upside down with your ecstatic kirtan!!”. He took the mic and enthusiastically said, “Spirituality means turning inside out!!”.

Looking forward to having him back in Melbourne next year.


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