346. Helping


Today a bird at the temple was helped by some visiting guests.

A fishing twine had badly gotten entangled around the birds feet. So bad that it had sliced into its small tender feet. It’s been there for some time from the looks of it and the bird must have been in constant pain.

Probably the bird realized that its other bird friends would not be able to help. Taking a chance, it decided to put its full faith in the humans gathered at the temple and flew down. Luckily, a few of the guests amongst a hundred at the temple didn’t ignore it.

They saw the problem and immediately about 6 of them came nearer to the bird. One of them gently grabbed it around the wings while another knew exactly what to do. Almost 30 mins passed where each and every sharp plastic twine was removed by the man like an experienced surgeon. The bird was patient and bearing the pain. It knew very well that we were trying to help.

Once all removed, the bird was placed on the ground. We all stood back. Then with so much grace, the wings came out and it took off to the roof of the temple. And from there it looked down upon us – “Thank you”, it seemed to say.

There is much to learn from the experience of this bird. When we are entangled in the sharp and fine thread of life and you realise that your fellow friends and relatives cannot help you out any longer, you must take a chance and with full faith descend upon the kind and sincere spiritualists. When you surrender your wings of desire to them, they will gently and gradually remove the old and severely embedded twines – greed, envy, ego, anger, illusion and madness. You just need to be patient and bear the pain of losing these old qualities and attachments. Once all taken, the gentle teachers of life will let you back on the ground to take your new flight back home, back to Godhead. And we must not forget to say “Thank You” all the way to the top .


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