338. Racing away with life

Yesterday was the Melbourne cup – a day when the best of horses compete with one another to help make their owners rich and famous. For many years, thousands of dollars are spent on each horse to make them “function” at their optimum. After all – only if you invest will you get the best results. Horses need great care – best of food, trainers, medicine, stable etc. Until they fall over and fracture a leg that is.

Yesterday, one of the horses broke her leg and her “team” decided to “put down” the horse. One of the common reasons given by vets, trainers, their owners and supporters with limited knowledge is – “Horses can’t really survive for too long on 3 legs. So, we are doing it a favour by taking it’s life”.

This is how we should read this analysis of theirs – “We have no more use of the horse, can’t bother spending time and money on something which will eventually die, so lets just kill it, remove the problem and get another horse we can focus on”

Some questions –
– Why wouldn’t they let the horse have a natural death?
– Why won’t they continue to spend money on this animal that gave them so much money, fame and hope? Care means birth through to death.
– Why not have the sporting organizers set aside a fund to treat injured horses? Its not hundreds of horses that you have to pay for but a few here and there. These horses would not have run so much in their lives like they do in these races. So, the owners/sport/spectators have had a direct role to play in their injury.
– If a jockey had a fracture from a fall or any athlete for that matter was injured seriously, would they be put down too?
– If one’s dog or cat was injured, aren’t they given much love and care?
– Why do we continue to mistreat animals this way in the name of sports? Don’t we have enough sports already with which we can enjoy?

If you still want a race, the best one is for humans to race with another in developing a character of compassion and forgiveness. Everyone will end up as a winner and no life will have to be taken away.


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