335. Google executive Ray Kurzweil’s plan to live forever | News.com.au

Google executive Ray Kurzweil’s plan to live forever | News.com.au.

Came across this article on a news website where a top exec and the head of his company’s engineering division is planning to live forever by relying on 150 vitamins/day, regular body check-ups and reliance on future scientific developments. He seems convinced about his planning. The link above takes you to the actual news report.

What does Srila Prabhupada have to say?

Nobody wants to die. Everyone knows that “I shall die.” But if there is immediately some danger, fire, immediately you go away from this room. Why? I do not wish to die. I do not wish to die. Although I know I must have to die. Still, why do I go away? I know that… “Oh, let there be fire. I have to die today or tomorrow. Let me die.” No. I do not wish to die. Therefore I go away. This is  psychology. So everyone wants to live forever. That’s a fact. So if you want to live forever, then you have to take to Krishna consciousness. So Krishna consciousness is so important and nice. Everyone wants to live. So actually, if you want to live, then you take to Krishna consciousness. This verse confirms it. Ayur harati vai pumsam udyann astam ca yann asau. The sun is rising early in the morning. As it is rising, gradually it is taking your life. That’s all. That is the business. But if you want to defeat the sun… Sun is very powerful. It is very difficult to fight. But you can fight with the sun. How? Simply by reading Krishna-katha, the words of Krishna. Uttama-sloka-vartaya. Vartaya. Uttama-sloka, Krishna. So this is the simple process. You don’t waste your time by talking nonsense.

Lectures, June 13, 1972, Los Angeles    


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