318. Gooseberry

It’s back !

When i was a kid growing up in my ancestral home, one of my favourite activity was to bring down the bunch of gooseberries up on the trees. We had 2 of those trees and a million of them in all sizes would rain down upon my head. Then filling my pockets with as many as i could carry, i would wander up to a secret spot (usually up on a tree) and relish biting into the juicy and extremely bitter fruit. Loved it ! As years went on, other food items took it’s place – biscuits, chocolates, junk food, chewing gum etc. After many many years, I recently went to a South Asian grocery store and got myself a packet of fresh gooseberries. And diving my teeth into them brought back memories, especially the bitter part. No other fruit I know can you eat with one eye closed. Give it a try, won’t you?

Did some hunting on the internet for some health benefit info to push you further !

Some of the health benefits of gooseberry are as follows:
• Gooseberry helps in treating various eye ailments including nearsightedness and cataract. You should take gooseberry juice with honey to enhance your eye sight.
• Gooseberry is an important ingredient of many hair tonics. Gooseberry enhances hair pigmentation and hair growth. It strengthens your hair from the roots and maintains the color and luster of hair.
• Gooseberry is a potent appetizer and as such, it enhances your appetite. You should consume gooseberry powder with honey and butter before meals so as to increase your appetite.
• Gooseberry also regulates the nitrogen levels of your body, thereby helping you gain weight in a healthy way.
• Gooseberry is also an anti ageing agent. It prevents hyperlipidaemia by reducing oxidative stress in the ageing process.
• Gooseberry also helps in preventing diabetes. Gooseberry is rich in chromium which has immense therapeutic value in treating diabetes. Gooseberry stimulates the isolated group of cells that secrete the hormone insulin. As such, it is instrumental in relieving the symptoms of diabetes.
• Gooseberry also prevents the incidence of heart ailments. It strengthens your heart muscles and as such, facilitates the free flow of blood in the body without any obstruction.
• Gooseberry also strengthens your immune system, thereby protecting you against various ailments.
• Gooseberry is antibacterial and an astringent and as such, it protects your body against various infections.
• On account of its cool and laxative properties, gooseberry may also be used to cure diseases like diarrhea and dysentery. Gooseberry provides relief in gastric syndrome and hyperchlorhydria (inflammation of the alimentary canal).
• Gooseberry forms an important component of any detox diet. Gooseberry contains twenty times the content of Vitamin C as compared to lemon and as such, has high levels of antioxidants that detoxify your body.
• Gooseberry is also instrumental in regulating the cholesterol level of the body, thereby preventing the incidence of heart attacks.
• Gooseberry is rich in proteins and as such, acts as a body building agent by repairing old cells and forming new ones.
• Gooseberry is a rich source of iron and helps in promoting the normal functioning of the circulatory and reproductive systems.



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