312. Boy Realises Where Meat Comes From

Luiz Antonio questions where his dinner came from.A video has gone viral of a Portuguese boy, Luiz Antonio, explaining to his mum why he doesn’t want to eat octopus gnocchi for dinner, saying that animals should be taken care of and not eaten

via Boy Realises Where Meat Comes From | Essential Kids.


Interesting news and video this one. Even a child knows about compassion. Why do adults have a strong distaste for love and care for other living beings? Why are they so adamant that they want to use animals and birds for experiments, sports and taste? Is is this our so-called advancement?

On another note, we can also see he is bringing his past life habits and desires into this life. Otherwise, it is very hard to have such strong views right from an early age. Perhaps, in a life prior to this, the boy must have been a strong advocate of animal rights and protection. He has taken another birth to carry on his mission. Good luck Luiz !


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