311. Start to Start

5 years ago, I was really wanting to do something for Srila Prabhupad (Founder – Acharya of the Hare Krishna Movement). I was living 2 hours away and barely had the association of devotees, the temple and the spiritually sanctified food. All there was as company were the books, the prayer altar and the chanting beads. And the ideas too. Somehow or another, I decided to put together a vegetarian cooking class hoping that this would please the crowd I was after as well as Prabhupada and Lord Krishna. What else could I do but give people, a chance to hear the holy name or associate with the Lord’s devotees or even honour the vegetarian food offerings. So, I carried out the project with the mindset – “I will do what I have to do with sincerity and every other outcomes will come from Their mercy. It’s not in my hands.”

You can read all about that Cooking with Chef Kurma adventure from 5 years ago here.

Guess what happened? 2 guests from that very program, got initiated (accepting a spiritual master) this morning ! The potency of spiritual endeavour, Krishna’s devotees and the Lord’s mercy, can change people’s heart and consciousness even if it takes a long time !!


The 2 guests – Craig and Adam became our friends over the years and very seriously pursued their intention to take their Krishna Consciousness life ahead. It was a difficult road for them taking into account the culture shock, the strict lifestyle and the new philosophy. But their keen interest and friendship with other devotees helped them get closer and closer to their spiritual master.

And now their real journey starts.  Like my own little start in preaching the glories of this movement, they too will have to go on with sincerity and faith. These 2 things are vital ingredients in one’s spiritual progress.

All the best Krishna Dasa and Balarama Dasa !



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