300. Hare Krishna Google Doodle?

My 300th article !!! I feel so accomplished ! Anyway back to some writing…..

Why don’t we have some of our numerous and wonderful artists work on the submission of Krishna Consciousness art for the Google Doodle project? I am sure we would be featured too. For those who are not aware of this concept – this is where an art piece is featured surrounding the “Google” search homepage. See examples below :

google doodle 2 Capture

As you know Google has around 100 billion searches per month ! What a great way for your spiritual art to be seen all over the world in 30 days !
Here are some ideas we could look at : It could be a street harinaam party or one to commemorate Prabhupada’s birthday or perhaps one for Sri Krishna Janmasthami or the pancha-tattva ! Let’s do it I say. Once you have created your set, would you please post a link under comments so that we can all have a look?


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