297. Fruitopia

It’s always a struggle when there’s plenty of fruits and fruits only for breakfast. Not very colourful are they compared to hot kitchadi, balloon pooris, crunchy pakora and halva !!

I remember yesterday morning when I was serving prasad to a young boy, he yelled out, “No! No fruits and veggies for me!! Please!”

Why do we have this great aversion to fruits and veggies right from the beginning of life? I used to remember how it was difficult for me to consume peas. My mum and I had a tough time together because of peas in our relationship. They seemed so violent of a veggie. As far as fruits are concerned, besides mango, papaya and banana, the others were OK.

But let me tell you boys and girls – fruits are important. Parents said so, doctors said so and even our Ayurvedic practitioners. I believe fruits are cent percent sattvik food and besides that, it’s so very nutritious as well. And a trip down the local supermarket, one can see the numerous quantity of glowing fruits in all colors. Colourful medicines available for you directly from nature.

I think one’s breakfast should be confined to an early morning glass of water immediately after waking up and then later on followed by a plate of fruits and porridge topped with cinnamon and honey. That’s it. None of the heavy rice and fried stuff.

We need to maintain the health of this body with great care so that we have no obstacles (arising out of our ignorance) which could hamper our devotional service later on. We have so much to do for this world through this movement and everybody out there needs a devotee’s body and soul.

So, please have fruits every morning. There is no other way, no other way, no other way.


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