292. “Daily rituals: Is waking up early the secret to artistic success?” – Slate Magazine

A friend of Frank Lloyd Wright’s once observed that for as long as she had known him, the architect seemed to spend the day doing everything but actually working on his building designs. He held meetings, took phone calls, answered letters, supervised students—but was rarely seen at the drafting table. The friend wanted to know: When did Wright conceive the ideas and make the sketches for his buildings? “Between 4 and 7 o’clock in the morning,” Wright told her. “I go to sleep promptly when I go to bed. Then I wake up around 4 and can’t sleep. But my mind’s clear, so I get up and work for three or four hours.”

Daily rituals: Is waking up early the secret to artistic success? – Slate Magazine.
You can read that full article on the link above.

You will find that many famous writers providing their testimonials on the advantages of waking up early. And spiritualists, especially in Hinduism have know this all-along. So, in your next spiritual lecture you can mention that in order to take one’s character to the mode of goodness (which is the stage you can properly advance), waking up early in the morning and practicing your chosen path of spirituality is very important. No matter how tough it is, we must keep trying to wake up very early just as much as we try to chant quality japa/mantra.

Check out the time when I posted that article 😉

Pic courtesy : Clarity

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