279. Suresvara Prabhu Visit

He came, he delivered, he conquered.


What a wonderful week and a half it has been with Suresvara Prabhu (Prabhupad disciple) at our temple. I had seen him many times during my trips to the Dham in years before but never did I expect that he would be a storehouse of knowledge on Prabhupad, sastras and the world in general.

Over a period of 10 classes, he dwelled deep into Srila Prabhupad’s mood, mission, teachings and life and made us strongly aware of the need to have a solid foundational relationship with him. He made us understand that we have a direct link with the Founder-Acharya which we must never forget or take for granted. He emphasised the importance of each devotee within our movement taking the reins and responsibility of being a guru and trying our best to propagate what Prabhupad stood for. He motivated and encouraged us.

The highlights of his course were the carefully prepared slides, well-researched topics, beautiful life incidents of Prabhupad (delivered expertly mimicking Prabhupad’s voice and accent) as well as stories from his younger days. All the sessions ran a packed house and he said we were a very good set of audience.

After today’s Bhagavatam class, he bid farewell to us all promising to return in January next year. I know it’s the same with others too, but I really do miss him and his seminar. Taking one closer to Prabhupad is such a wonderful thing to do and he did that to us. I highly recommend his course/seminar to one and all. If you ever have the opportunity, just go. Don’t miss any of the class. You will be touched.

Thank you Suresvara Prabhu for your enthusiasm and wisdom you shared with us. We look forward to welcoming you back, wishing you safe travels and Sweet Gaura Dreams!


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