271. Hare Krishna National anthem

I was just thinking….Why not have our own anthem? As we approach our 50th Anniversary & TOVP opening, why not produce a hair-raising music production along with a music video? This can be played all over the world on major TV music channels & radio stations.

The music will feature English lyrics (translated into other languages too), traditional music instruments, classic European Orchestra & hundreds of chorus singers. The song would be inspiring in it’s lyrics, have a very “Olympian” feeling, maybe an “Enya” style – a grand symphony of sorts.The chorus would feature a heavy rendition of the Mahamantra. There can be children singing too with their tiny voices.

Perhaps, all the devotees from each our ISKCON temples and communities can send in their group singing from a studio and this can be brought in to the original album as the main chorus. They would all sing a particular tune as decided by the music director. A big ask and this one might be difficult. But would be great if all of us were involved in some way.

Maybe, we can think of utilizing the services of a world famous music director and world-renowned music video director too?

The video will be launched on the opening day of the Vedic Planetarium. The music album will consist of select deity shots, temple complex, devotees in action (in temple and streets) from around the world. It will also feature early Hare Krishna videos, Srila Prabhupad etc.

Sounds like an exciting idea?


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