267. Amazing little camera that I want !

Woah !!!

I went for a casual walk and also to just check up on some latest & affordable speaker systems for our city preaching centre. While I was there, I chanced to glance upon this amazing little camera – GoPro “World’s Most Versatile Camera”.

A surfer's point of view

A surfer’s point of view

Check that image from the camera! And I immediately began to day dream – how can we use that in ISKCON?

  • Mount it on a prabhu’s head during a street harinama
  • Near a pujari as he performs deity worship in temple
  • Installed next to Lord Jagannath while He sits on the Ratha chariot

….while making garlands, while cooking, while dancing away in the temple ! Can you imagine all that you can do with such a light-weight and close to action camera?! We can then bring all these videos together and make a short advertising film ! Or maybe just post each video on YouTube ! Would be awesome to share it around.

Anyway, I looked at the cost and they were priced above $300. Not very high but definitely too much for me. Gazing at some of the sample videos on the TV (some available on their website), I walked away thinking, “….only if i had that one, my devotional service would be so much better….“, and got back to my office.

Back at my desk, I mentioned about this camera to a work colleague next to me.
She said, “oh…you mean this one that I have?”


What in the material world is happening?! Instant delivery by Krishna !!

Be careful what you wish for, dear devotees. You never know how much more excited Krishna could be of our ideas. Once He gives, we need to have the skills for the endeavor though.

Anyways, I am planning how to get this camera of her for our use 🙂 I am wishing with Krishna again. Wish me luck.


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