248. 4 key lessons we may take for granted

What a coincidence !

This morning as I was on my way to work, I was reading an article from the Spiritual Scientist about materialistic life. The opening line of the blog read – Weary, dreary, scary: these three words convey the rough reality of modern materialistic life for most people.

And then I began to think of the variety of spiritual activities we are involved in, just within a temple compound which makes us so entertained, encouraged and busy. And in that “busyness”, there is every possibility that we make take things & others for granted. That thought was scary. But a solution came during my lunch break. A close devotee friend of mine, forwarded me a copy of the 2012 Srila Prabhupad Vyasa Puja offerings. And in the introduction itself, there was this paragraph that stood out the most :

His Holiness Giridhär Swami, a GBC zonal secretary, miraculously and wonderfully regained his health after years of debilitating illness and was able to resume traveling and preaching last year. After recounting the role that his dear godbrother Bhürijana Prabhu played in his recovery, he draws four lessons from his experience that are pertinent to all devotees:

First, keeping close and loving relationships with dear godbrothers is essential to progressive spiritual growth. I must associate with and serve my godbrothers as often as possible.

Second, the opportunity to serve the Vaishnavas is most precious. I should never take it for granted. I must serve the Vaishnavas as often and as much as possible—without reservation.

Third, näma-bhajana is my most important service, and everything else is secondary. Harinäma is what you came to give. You wanted us to “just chant Hare Krsna.” But you also wanted us to chant with love. I therefore pray that you bless me to chant without offense, with full attention and genuine love in my heart, praying for the mercy of Your Divine Grace, the mercy of the Vaishnavas, and the mercy of Krsna.

Fourth, service to Krsna is a rare opportunity. After so many lifetimes, somehow or other I have been given this gift. I must never take it for granted or regard it as some mundane duty or obligation. I must take full advantage. With great determination, patience, enthusiasm, and love I will strive to perform whatever service is given to me.

I need to read this every day.


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