247. Going for Gold

So there I was again on the streets of Swanston St, trying to pull the busy people into our Saturday night program at Urban Yoga. On a good night, I can capture about 7-8 people for a night of spiritual lecture, Kirtan and vegetarian food. But today was proving to be slightly difficult. No one even stopped to hear. To top it, I was feeling sick too.

After about 1 hour of trying my best, I had only managed to get one Brazilian. I told the organiser of the program, Nanda Mandir that it was a tough night. He gently told me not to be attached to the fruits of labour. Said OK and went back down again for a last attempt.

I yelled into the noisy cold street, ” Come and hear a fantastic spiritual lecture with vegetarian dinner “. After a few call outs, a gentleman in his 50s stopped next to me. He stood straight, looked straight ahead and had a beard similar to one of the 3 musketeers. You know, those pointed ones.

He said, ” Vegetarian dinner, did you say?”, in an English accent.

I said, “Yes sir…”

He said looking straight down the street, “Spiritual lecture, did you say?”

I said (feeling like part of an army camp),” Yes sir…it’s on the Spirit of Olympics..and a spiritual perspective on it..”

He raised his eyebrows and looked at me.

I continued (thinking what do I have to lose), “the Olympics is all about the strongest body – who can swim faster, run quicker and jump higher. Who will teach people about the Olympics of spirituality? Who will teach them about the real goal in life that all people – athlete or common public can pursue?”

He looked again at me. Surely I saw a slight grin.

He : “Can I ask you something?”

Me : “Sure…”

He : “Was there an Olympics in the battle of Kurukshetra?”

I was stunned for a second. And laughed at the same time. I said,” Yes there was!”

He : “Really?”

Me : “Yes there sure was…but it was of a different kind. But for now, you should join us for the lecture and dinner”

Happily he came up, donated us $20 instead of the asked $8 entry fee, took a seat in the corner and is right now listening to the program so attentively. Wishing him the very best.

Moral of the story : Just when you feel like giving up, don’t stop. Push yourself a little more harder. After all, we all have that Olympic Spirit in us.


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