242. Guest speakers

Just a random thought – do you think we can invite famous authors and scientists like MICHAEL T KLARE to our temples/centres and give a talk on topics as those covered in his books?


It will be an event meant for devotees and the general public. I am thinking such a program would attract a huge crowd and we must market it extensively in public and canvas them to attend.

Once the guest speaker talks about world issues (environment pollution, animal cruelty, corrupt economics etc), we can finish of the seminar with our knowledge and the importance of Simple Living & High Thinking. The whole event would be branded as an initiative of the Hare Krishnas and will be promoted that way. And many other firms can be contacted for sponsorships. It will work.

What do you think? Perhaps, we must have a department within our temples called “Simple Living, High Thinking” which focuses on holding such events and educating public on matters related to environment, animal protection and farming. Another channel to reach out to people perhaps.


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