239. Australia day morning lecture

Australia Day today. An important historical date for the Australians. Also, happens to be an important day for the Indians. The day outside is already warm and the weather bureau is expecting a very hot day. Sitting at the temple hall listening to a wonderful lecture by HH Devamrita Swami, covering the verse SB 1.6.20:

The followers of Lord Chaitanya is at the pinnacle of experiencing love of Godhead. Transcendental ecstasy is experienced more during separation from Lord than meeting Him. This pain, which materialists see as agony, is the most ecstatic feeling that one can experience.

Mundane historians acknowledge the presence of Lord Chaitanya as a well known teacher and social reformer. They could not understand his mood that he exhibited for 12 years at Jagannath Puri. They thought he had lost his mind.

The residents of Vrindhavan felt extreme pain from the separation of Lord Krishna. They had no idea how to live without Him. Their love could not face any sorts of competition from others.

Devotees use the temporary to achieve the eternal. For devotees, the world is vacant without Krishna. But for the materialists the world is full of possibilities for the satisfaction of their desires. These demoniac qualities of passion and ignorance are considered of high value these days. They call it drive, motivation and team building.

You are able to approach Lord Krishna because of Lord Chaitanya. Everyone of us have had some little experience of our dealing with spiritual reality. This could be through our chanting, deities, reading or prasadam. These little experiences must not be disregarded.

It’s natural that we want more happy experiences from Krishna since we are Krishna’s children. But we must not force Krishna to do things the way we want Him to do. We must let Him do what He wants with us. This is true humility.

There is a probationary period in devotional life. In this stage, where we are regaining out lost connection with Krishna, sometimes the Lord lets you see or experience Him for a short while. So that this serves as an ongoing motivation to get love of Krishna. In the higher stages of love, this situation can again happen but it is to take your Prema to higher and higher levels. This is what happened to Narada Muni. Devotees eagerness and Krishna’s mercy is required. The ignition is provided by the spiritual master.

You must have great determination to serve the spiritual master and Lord Krishna. This is the way one achieves the Lord and becomes great. We must make sure that in all our spiritual duties, we create a channel for materialists to secure association with devotees. We must teach people that glorifying Krishna is fun, getting knocked out after prasad is fun, dancing wild in this transcendental night club is fun ! This is it. Give all this to them.



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