238. Follow & Lead

Saturday Melbourne morning. Glad to have reached this weekend after long struggling days at work. Listening to Bhagavatam class from Bhakta Prabhu 1.6.5 :

1. When a person is impregnated with spiritual knowledge, there is a change in that person. We are living a life of animals but with spiritual knowledge, we begin our lives as humans.

2. What is a guru? Guru is someone who is following the shastras, regulative principles and 100% engaged in serving God. Association with such people brings about a change. Infact, association with devotees is of utmost importance. We get the desire to be like them. We wish to develop their mannerism, their knowledge etc.

3. In one essence, all of us are teachers. We must lead an ideal life and emulate the actions of our great teachers. The king, teachers and parents are natural leaders of our society and such people must know spiritual goals, rules and regulations.

4. Initiation means being saved. And no matter what difficulties and disturbances we may go through, we must continue our dedication to Prabhupad and Lord Krishna. We must learn to be resilient, determined and sincere.

5. We must continue our reading. This is very important. This knowledge is what will save us. We must read at least for 1 hour. We must not ignore this activity. Prabhupad wrote this for us. The stories in these books are not fantasies. These are real people and incidents. Their pastimes infuse us with strong spiritual energy.

6. We must show outsiders the thrill of being devotees. We must invite them to our festivals and events. We must give them a chance to see the Lord somehow or another. We need to help them give up their animalistic life.

In conclusion, our minds cannot be diverted away from Krsna. We must take great pleasure in our services, preaching and our attempts to gain pure love of God. Anyone who comes in contact with Prabhupad books have come in contact with a pure devotee of Krishna. Impregnating people with spiritual experiences is what we are about. We have work to do, we have to do them now and it’s done by each and everyone of us. We have no time to waste.


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