237. Joy of giving and receiving


Just returned from a beautiful January Christmas party hosted at the house of the much loved HG Bhakta Prabhu and his wife Bhakti Mataji. This was the first time we were going and we arrived fashionably late. As we walked into the front courtyard, we could hear the laughters amongst the guests. People were clearly having fun. On entrance into the house, we received the wonderful hugs from Prabhu and Mataji, which immediately puts you at ease and makes you feel like kids again. Very therapeutic indeed.

As we all sat under the Krishna Tree and staring at the beautiful altar of Their Lordships – Sri Radha Karuna Sindhu and ready to receive our surprise gifts from Bhakta Santa, prabhuji explained the importance of love when dealing with one and all.

He said that irrespective of gender, religion, ethnicity, relations etc, we must express our friendship to one and all. As devotees of the Supreme friend, we have so much to give to people. And that was what Christmas was all about. He said that it didn’t matter what the historians & conspiracy theorists have to say about the dates, but what’s important is the spirit with which people, family & friends come together to express their love for one another, exchange gifts and remember the ever-loving God.

Yes, I like the Christmas spirit.


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