236. Attention

Back to the shelter of the Melbourne temple this morning. So satisfied to see the bhagavatam class by HG Viraj Krishna Prabhu, whom I had a chance to see last evening. He was covering SB 1.5.39.
The main points he covered :


1. When we have no peace within ourselves, how can we carry out our devotional service? We should learn to connect everything we do and have to Krishna. Sri Narada is an expert in this.

2. Our occupational duties have to be done in the mode of detachment. We are attached to the duty only for the sake of doing it but we are attached to Krishna.

3. We should be enthusiastic, determined and patient in our desire to achieve the highest of perfection. We cannot demand our perfection from Krishna.

4. It’s amazing that through sound we can see God. This is our path. Seeing through the channel of ears, the form of the lord is then manifested. Simply by the process of hearing, we increase our desire to see Krishna. Rukmini Devi was like this. Sukadev Goswami was also like this.

5. Krishna is always smiling. When we come in front of the lord, we should approach Him with a big smile and not a frown. We should be happy.

6. Of all the offences that we try to remember not to commit, one that is most dangerous that we do commit is inattentive chanting. We must pay attention. There has to be endeavour from our end.

7. The Lord does not have to endeavour. It is His nature to be all powerful and full of incredible energies. He can do what He wants. But we have to work and for a devotee, Krishna expands his time. We must realise that Krishna is doing everything. He tells Arjuna that He has already killed all the soldiers even before the onslaught of war. Yet He allowed Arjuna to do his duty of shooting arrows. This is Krishna’s transcendental sarcasm.

8. Srila Prabhupad was completely attentive to Krishna. And that’s how he did such wonderful activities. He slept so little and gave us these incredible purports. Materially, one gets so tired at work when we have less sleep. But a devotee is beyond the material bodily needs. He is on a different level. Such devotees are glorified. Our temples operate in 12 time zones and hence “Jai Prabhupad”, is said across the world all the time.

The conclusion is that one must take great steps to be attentive in our devotional service. Only then, shall we start making progress. In this one precious lifetime, there are so many things that we pay careful attention too for our personal fulfilment of our desires but at least for 2 hours, we must give our ears to hearing the name of Krishna. We must respect the labour of Prabhupad. Studying his books, the verses speak to our heart.

And then our attention to chanting happens. This is when we get that peace we are seeking…because by chanting of the Holy Name, we get truth, auspiciousness and piety – Satyam, Mangalam and Punyam. In this peace when we chant, there is perpetual and constant festivals in our minds.


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