228. Sri Radhastami


Dawn to dusk, it has been a beautiful day. Inside the temple and outside too. Melbourne summer seems to have landed early although showers predicted tomorrow.

The altar was a joy to watch. Immense strands of jasmine decorated the Deities. The fragrance inside the temple hall reminded me of my village house garden. We grew jasmine there but we had to watch out for snakes that often sheltered there. But nothing of that sort to worry here. I took shelter of some quality japa, witnessing the grain ceremony of a child and followed it up with kitchen service.

Kitchen duties included preparing pakora, frying pooris and cutting up some dish made of gherkin. Aindra Prabhu and His Holiness Niranjan Swami kirtan in the background created a nice festive mood in the small kitchen. Gaura Vani kirtan was included too.

Someone knocked over the cooked pakora bucket. An hour later it was followed up by knocking over the cooked pooris as well. Bowls, spoons and large ladles also came crashing to the floor. The room was busy. Hot ghee hissed on the hot wok. Few drops splashed on my arms as I slipped the pooris into the oil. Yes, it hurts.

Right now standing outside the temple gate writing this story. Had a nice hot and cold shower. Changed in the bhramachari ashram. Few transcendental jokes between the occupants was enjoyed. People ran in and out preparing for the evening festival.

Another joyous day. Everybody’s step looked like a dance. Every word spoken seemed like a kirtan. Where am I ?

Jai Sri Radhe !

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