227. Eat away

In a lecture given by His Holiness Bhakti Vigyna Goswami Maharaj on a topic related to mind, he mentioned to the attentive class that people nowadays eat atleast 10 times more that what is actually required.

To the students in the class, he enquired why this is so? One answered that people eat more because of boredom. Another answered that people have a stronger urge these days to just keep eating for fun. And so many gave their inputs as to why people eat more than what they need to. Personally, I could recollect a stat that in U.S alone, fast food retail outlets turned over $200 billion in sales. And it’s growing every year.

Once he had all the responses, he answered his question this way, “People eat more these days because they are not experiencing love. Real love. But if you look at Sanatana or Rupa Gosvami, they use to eat & drink very very little because they were full of love for the Supreme Lord. They had very little taste for anything else. All their hunger and thirst were satisfied by simply being in the service of Krishna.”


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