224. Sunday Out and about

Good morning ! That’s what it was in Melbourne yesterday. Beautiful well lit and warm morning for a good part of the day. Birds, humans and devotees all looked happy as the sun shone on us.

Nrsimha Kavaca Prabhu presented a great and enliveling bhagavatam class explaining why bhagavatam is such an important literature for all us. I enjoyed one of the examples he took. He said that United Nations is doing nothing to establish real peace on earth. All that its doing is increase the number of flags outside its big office.

After a shortwhile, I took a 2 hour ride into regional Victoria to a place called Bendigo. We had a strong home program there. Over the last 1 year we have been trying to develop a base there. And so far its been going well. 

The 4 hour ride in total was very pleasant and informative with my guest speaker Jagannath Ram Prabhu educating me on so many spiritual matters. So many things that got me thinking. More on those later.

Then got to the temple by 6pm and ran straight up to the Prasadam hall ! You know what happens there.

That was my Sunday. Talk to you soon !


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