220. His expert blessings

In the Melbourne temple right now listening to Bhagavatam class on 1.1.20. An interesting point and example was given in the class that got me thinking:

If a burglar sincerely prays to Krishna that he be protected in his stealing endeavors and if a household prays sincerely that they be protected from a burglar, how would Krishna as someone who satisfies His devotees, expertly manage this situation ?

Any answers? Happy Sri Krishna Janmasthami everyone !


2 thoughts on “220. His expert blessings

  1. Hare Krishna Prabhu

    Happy Janmashtami!

    The answer to your question is given by Prabhupada himself in the Srimad Bhagavatam. Please see below. Hare Krishna

    “For our understanding it is sometimes said that the Lord is situated in the heart of the thief as well as in the heart of the householder, but the Supersoul in the heart of the thief dictates, “Go and steal things from that particular house,” and at the same time the Lord tells the householder, “Now be careful of thieves and burglars.” These instructions to different persons appear contradictory, yet we should know that the Supersoul, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, has some plan, and we should not consider such activities contradictory. The best course is to surrender unto the Supreme Personality of Godhead wholeheartedly, and, being protected by Him, remain peaceful” – SB 4.17.36

    • Dear Ananda prabhu,
      Thank you for your answer. Very interesting that the example and it’s answer is in SB itself. Just so happens that I am reading 4th canto as well and just few verses away from the above mentioned text. Krishna is always in an interesting position when it comes to fulfilling His devotees desires.


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