218. Srila Prabhupad Lecture Summary 12: Krishna can do everything & anything !

A summary of my understanding of Prabhupad’s lecture today:

5.5.33, Vrindhavan
November 22, 1976

Because Lord Ṛṣabhadeva remained in that condition, the public did not disturb Him, but no bad aroma emanated from His stool and urine. Quite the contrary, His stool and urine were so aromatic that they filled eighty miles of the countryside with a pleasant fragrance.

One can practically check if one who claims to be God is truly a God or not. Ask them to pass stool and see how it smells. It’s a very simple test. Can they do it?

Krishna is God and He can do whatever He wants. A cow dung makes an impure place pure. So, if by Krishna’s grace, the stool of an animal can be so pure, what to speak of Krishna’s stool. Less intelligent people do not know that the body of the Lord and their own body is completely different. Krishna’s body is completely transcendental whereas theirs are made of material elements.

Anyone who understands Krishna is at once liberated. But understanding Him takes time. However, bhakti-yoga is so easy that by simply chanting His names and honoring prasadam, one becomes eligible to understand Krishna.

To understand Krsna, you require your tongue. Generally we understand by seeing or by hearing. Hearing is there, but here it is recommended tongue, especially. Why tongue is used? Because if you simply chant Hare Krsna by your tongue and taste Krsna prasadam, you will understand Krsna. Sevonmukhe hi jihvadau svayam eva sphuraty adah. If you make it a promise that “I shall not talk anything except Krsna’s message,” and if you promise that “I shall not take anything which is not offered to Krsna,” these two things, this prasadam and chanting, will make you perfect to understand Krsna. In another place Krsna says, mayy asakta-manah partha yogam yunjan mad-asrayah. This is yoga, bhakti-yoga. How easy it is. There are so many yogas, but if you practice bhakti-yoga you become first-class yogi.

Also, be careful not to offend a Vaishnava. Even if you offend a Vaishnava, that Vaishnava because of his exalted nature will forgive you but Krishna will remember. He will immediately protect his devotees who are insulted. We can understand this from the story of Dhurvasa Muni who was chased by Sudarshan Chakra because of his insult to Ambarisa Maharaj who was a devotee of the Lord. Dhurvasa muni was a great yogi but he was defeated in front of Ambarisa Maharaj was a devotee.

So, the only way to understand Krishna is by devotional service and not by other yoga methods. If you are working, then you must give up the results of your work to Krishna. This is Karma yoga. You must give your money to Krishna. Otherwise, you will use it to make atom bombs and kill each other.


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