217. Srila Prabhupad Lecture Summary 11 : Misery after Misery

Srimad-Bhagavatam 5.5.34
Vrndavana, November 21, 1976

In this way Lord Ṛṣabhadeva followed the behavior of cows, deer and crows. Sometimes He moved or walked, and sometimes He sat down in one place. Sometimes He lay down, behaving exactly like cows, deer and crows. In that way, He ate, drank, passed stool and urine and cheated the people in this way.

Today Prabahupad once again spoke about the importance of the human form of life and how it’s purpose is not for the sole purpose of sex. Lord Rsahbadev, although he was the emperor of the world, his bodily activities in the “avadhuta” stage was just like animals thereby showing us that as long as we are connected with material activities, our bodily activities are no way different to those of animals. Narottam Das Thankur says that if a person is above the bodily concept of life, he is liberated. And the bodily concept of life can be forgotten only when one accepts spiritual life. There is one crude example of how Stalin, the Communist leader refused anesthetic for his stomach surgery because he had the determination to go though the pain. This is because he was so attached to his ideals and goals in life, that the pain of the body was not a problem.

Similarly, one should always be in the thought of how to serve Krishna. Thinking this way, one is above the bodily concept of life. Our bodily activities, our mind and our words should be used in Krishna’s service and this will eventually purify one’s senses. Unlike Mayavadis, we do not stop our activities. This is not possible. It’s a temporary solution and one is sure to fall down.  And to purify one’s senses, one has to approach a guru and ask him, “What shall I do?”. This is what Sanatan Gosvami did. Although, he was in such a big post dealing with so many important men, he gave them up.

Give up material activities and simple work for Krishna. The general people are very poor and crippled. They do not know anything except to maintain a family. If one can maintain a wife and children, he is considered successful. The “grihamedis” happiness is sexul intercourse. Once he has children and raises them to adults, he then prepares them for sex through pompous marriage. Then they have children who grow up as adults and then its their turn to have facilities for sex. This is their life. They have so much to learn.

So anyone who can maintain like this himself, his children, with wife and eating, ahara-nidra-bhaya-maithunam, then he is expert. And if he becomes a sannyasi, brahmacari, does not take part in these stereotyped activities, then he is useless, escaping from the world, escaping. They do not take the responsibility. But that is not the fact. If one can maintain himself as brahmacari, he is escaping all the tribulations of this material world, escaping certainly, but he is escaping all the tribulations of the material world…, so much botheration.
– SP

So, we must cease our material activities and use our body for spiritual activities only. This is real life.

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