212. Srila Prabhupad Lecture 6: The Fall Down

This is today’s summary of Prabhupa’s lecture I listened to.

SB 5.6.11 : 29 Dec 1976 : Mumbai

Low-class people, due to their gross ignorance, introduce a system of religion that deviates from the Vedic principles. Following their own mental concoctions, they automatically fall down into the darkest regions of existence.

System of religion can be given by God only. But people do not understand who is God and why He gives us religion. Almost all of the people are so much in the modes of ignorance that the whole world is in an awkward & dangerous position. The only hope is to go through the path recommended by  Shastras. But people are so engrossed in their material desires that they do not have interest in any spiritual activity. We are in a situation now where we have to elevate the human civilization from the level of hogs.

One’s aim of life should not be to get a comfortable life for a few years and forget the real business of Self-realization. Such people, caught up in their own mental concoction, fall into the darkest regions of ignorance. We can see that even though there is great disturbance and discomfort, people still prefer to live in the city. When we offer them a much more comfortable living through Krishna Consciousness, they will not come with us. Hence, such people fall from their spiritual identification to their material identification.

Be careful with your life and take to Krishna Consciousness. In this age, people are strongly in the modes of passion and ignorance. The Lord is Vaikunta-Pati and He has no business to come here. In His place, there is no suffering, everything is eternal, a place of full enjoyment and no enmity. It is above the 3 modes of material nature. Whereas our world is full of anxiety, there is no enjoyment and no peace.

We ask all people to leave aside their designation and join our Krishna Consciousness movement. We may have some inconvenience while executing this mission. But since this hardship is for Krishna, we accept this type of hardship. Our job is to give people information about Vaikunta, a place with no anxiety. This is real welfare work.


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