210. Srila Prabhupad Lecture 4 : Is Lakshmi your’s?

Here is a summary of Prabhupad’s lecture I listened to :

SB 7.9.2
Feb 12, 1977 Mayapur

The goddess of fortune, Lakṣmījī, was requested to go before the Lord by all the demigods present, who because of fear could not do so. But even she had never seen such a wonderful and extraordinary form of the Lord, and thus she could not approach Him.

The demigods requested Lakshmi to pacify Lord Narasimha’s anger who was none another than Lord Narayan. But even she was fearful seeing the wonderful features of her husband. In fact, she never knew that her husband can assume such a form. This form was specifically formed to finish off the demon Hiranyakashipu. The Lord can assume any form He wants. Here we can also see the chastity of Lakshmiji here. When she saw the fearful form in front of her, she was unsure whether the personality was her husband or not. She had a doubt and hence she did not approach the Lord.

Where ever there is Narayan, there is Lakshmi. Narayan is bhagavan. His opulence are in full and no one can compete with Him. But in material world, there is competition. Hence, the concept of daridra-narayanan is a foolish concept. We know clearly that wherever there is Narayana, there is Lakshmi. In fact, millions of Lakshmi associates with Him constantly. A “daridra” cannot be a “Narayana” and Narayana cannot be a daridra ! No one can be equal to Narayana. He is the greatest. However, it is fashion now-a-days to call oneself a Narayana. Such thoughts has dismantled the Indian culture and such “pasandi” kind of imagination will kill your spiritual progress. Avoid Mayavadis at all costs.

In the material world, everyone is praying to Lakshmi for wealth. She is also called Chancala. She moves from one place to another. Today one might be a millionaire but tomorrow that same person can be on the street. In the material world, people are worried that Lakshmi will go away. But in the spiritual world, Lakshmi is worried that Krishna will go away.

You cannot separate Lakshmi from Vishnu. Ravana tried this and the moment he tried to separate Sita from Rama, he was completely ruined along with his associates. Never try to keep Lakshmi alone with you but keep her with Narayan. Those who have riches should worship Narayan with that money. If you are wealthy, don’t spoil it. Use it in Krishna’s service. Use the money for temples, installing deities etc. And in this way, you will never become poor but always wealthy.


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