209. Srila Prabhupad Lecture 3 : The Art of Living

This is today’s summary of Prabhupad’s lecture.
SB 7.9.8 : 2 Feb 1977 : Mayapur

Prahlad Maharaj prayed: How is it possible for me, who have been born in a family of asuras, to offer suitable prayers to satisfy the Supreme Personality of Godhead? Even until now, all the demigods, headed by Lord Brahma, and all the saintly persons, could not satisfy the Lord by streams of excellent words, although such persons are very qualified, being in the mode of goodness. Then what is to be said of me? I am not at all qualified.

“Ugra-Jateh” means a demoniac family…one situated deeply in the mode of passion. As we know, there are 3 gunas – the mode of goodness, the mode of passion and the mode of ignorance. Our mind which has the quality of accepting and rejecting, jumps from one mode to another. And in this way, the living entity gets one mentality over another. At the time of death, the predominating mode will determine the type of new body the soul should acquire. This is how the transmigration of the soul occurs. So, the real art of living, is to train up our mind suitably for the time of death. If one thinks of Krsna at the time of departing one’s body then such a person is safe otherwise there is room for accidents.

Always practice fixing your mind on the lotus feet of Krsna. This is Krishna Consciousness. And we can be perfect in our endeavours by following great authorities (mahajans) who are rich in their devotion to the Lord. They are great and rich because they are devotees and Krishna Consciousness is meant only for great personalities.

A vaishnava, a devotee is always meek and humble. And to show this quality in devotees, the Supreme Lord Himself takes care of the devotees. Sanatana Goswami did not even enter the temple of Lord Jagannath but the Lord Himself came to see him everyday ! Sanatan Goswami was thinking that he is not at all suitable to approach the Lord because he lacked the proper qualification. Haridas Thakur did not want to disturb the priests and he did not enter the temple premises. Here we can see that Prahalad Maharaj also has this quality of humility. He feels that since he is born of a demoniac family, he does not have the qualification to understand the Lord. But the Lord immediately placed His hands on the little boy, pacifying and blessing him.

So, we must be confident in our endeavours in Krishna Consciousness. Although there will be inconvenience, obstacles, objections and trouble, we must bear them all and keep our faith in the Lord. Krishna also gives us this advice to go on with your duty. Go on with your Krishna Consciousness.


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