208. Srila Prabhupad Lecture 2 : Be Obedient and Be safe.

Below is today’s short summary of Prabhupad’s lecture I listened to :
SB 7.9.9
Mayapur March 1977

Prahalad Maharaj continued: One may possess wealth, an aristocratic family, beauty, austerity, education, sensory expertise, luster, influence, physical strength, diligence, intelligence and mystic yogic power, but I think that even by all these qualifications one cannot satisfy the Supreme Personality of Godhead. However, one can satisfy the Lord simply by devotional service. Gajendra did this, and thus the Lord was satisfied with him.

Nobody can captivate Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead through their material possessions such as beauty, education, austerity, mystical power, manpower etc. Krishna is atma-ram. He is self-sufficient and self-satisfied. He is not poor. Yet He wants everyone to be obedient to Him and to love Him. This is Bhakti. Bhakti means to serve Krishna. You can see this relationship and expectations between a parent with their child also.

We must not waste any time in some other occupation but on the inquiry on life. We must always be motivated to serve Krishna. Real devotional service is activity. And the best activity is to preach the glories of the Supreme. Our ISKCON movement is based on practical activity. In whatever position you are, you can serve Krishna. Service itself is learning and we need not undertake separate learning before you start bhakti.

While preaching the glories of the Supreme, there will always be obstacles and oppositions. And with those who oppose, we must fight them to our best ability. Even if you lose the battle, Krishna still accepts. For Him, it’s the work that matters. In any difficulty, one’s devotional activity should not stop. You can even offer Krishna, a fruit, a leaf or some water. Bhakti is the necessity. Not the extravagant setting. Krishna does not say that you have to be liberated to serve Him. He accepts your current situation. The moment you serve him with Bhakti you have already achieved liberation immediately.

In this material world, we accrue so many sinful reactions. Everyday you kill so many living entities by walking, drinking etc. But when you are in devotional life, you are not affected by the reactions of those inevitable sinful activities. Dedicate your life completely for Krishna Consciousness and you will be safe.


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