206. Going Forward with Prabhupad lectures

2 weekends ago, I had the chance once again to attend another farm retreat by His Grace Bhurijan prabhu and His Grace Jagattarini mataji. The lectures were so thrilling and thought provoking. Basically I have no words to describe what I heard and what I feel. Anyways, few days later I had the chance to interact personally with His Grace Bhurijan prabhu. Him sitting on the cream sofa and I sitting on the cool floor, he said, “Please listen to Prabhupad’s lecture…everyday…atleast 1 or 2 lectures….”.

Immediately, my mind raced to the 690 odd lectures that I have on my iPod since 2007 ! Yup. Since 2007. I got this set during my first trip to Sri Vrindhavan dham. I was new to Krishna Consciousness, I was energetic and I was ready to take on the world ! But alas….reading Bhagavatam, listening to Prabhupad lectures, consistent writing all took a back seat as material engagements took centre stage. Not a single lecture I listened.

But this gentle reminder from HG Bhurijan prabhu and watching other devotees around me progress so well has given me the motivation to start listening to each one of Prabhupad’s lecture. And I intend to post a summary & understanding of the lecture as a blog post everyday. Now, I am really excited ! By the way, I am already 5 lectures ahead and only now realized that I am listening to it from backwards..from 1977 and back..going verse by verse backwards ! Oh well…forward or backward, I feel that I am still making progress.



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