194. Mayapur 2010 – Battlefield hero meetup

It was fun meeting known faces in a place so far far away from home.

The Devotee-Soldier

On one of the days, I met with the devotee-soldier, Partha Sarathi Das. He had just returned from the battle fields of Iraq and was spending few weeks at Mayapur. Although I had never met him before, both of us were aware of each other through our blogs. I had expected someone very tough in mannerisms but Partha Sarathi prabhu was so timid, child-like, friendly and jovial. When a common devotee friend took me to the room where he was sitting, he immediately got up, gave a huge smile and a hug. And whenever he saw a devotee whom he recognized, he would be so pleased to see them. His body language clearly gave the other person the idea that he truly enjoyed their company. While I was with him, I was thinking about all the hardships he faced everyday while at war and how he kept his devotional service and attitude intact. So inspiring.

Partha prabhu, it was great meeting you and spending that time with you at Mayapur. Thank you for all your kinds words and I am so happy that you visit my blog often. I still remember you telling me as soon as we met at Mayapur, “What’s wrong? Haven’t seen any article from you in a while…keep writing! “.

Hope I get to meet you again. Actually, we would love to have you visit us in Melbourne !


One thought on “194. Mayapur 2010 – Battlefield hero meetup

  1. I am desperate to contact H.G.Partha Sarthy Das Prabhu….How do I contact you prabhu. I am Partha Hari Das from Pune and am blessed to somehow by Srila Prabhupad’s mercy got to worship your Narsimha Salagram Shila which you had once given to Sri Ranganath Krishna Das…( My best friend, brother and well wisher )..Kindly contact me on the above mail Id.


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