190. Veda

Few days ago, direct from the U.K, I received my copy of the newly launched book, “VEDA – Secrets from the East”.


The first thing I noticed was the beautiful cover. Very colourful and well done. The second thing that took my interest was the nicely written foreword by Kripamoya Das and this particular one I liked :

To restore ourselves to balance with nature and the universe, we need to behave once again as if our spiritual aspirations were important – because they are. They are in fact the most important needs we have. There is a subtle, but very real, link between unrecognized spiritual hunger, rampant consumption, and social and economic imbalance. By addressing individual and collective spiritual needs, we can achieve a healthy balance.”

I think I might use the above lines as my email signature !

That’s all I have read so far. In this 438 page book, Srila Prabhupada and his followers address the most crucial questions of our existence and I can’t wait to dive into them ! More later…or better still..you can get your own copy at KrishnaWisdom.

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