189. Altar in the city

For a week or so, I had the privilege of staying with Amit prabhu and his young family at their apartment right in the middle of Melbourne city, 19 floors up. The family has just started to take to Krishna Consciousness. They were excellent in their hospitality and care for their guests. We spent many late nights talking about the urgent need to spread Lord Chaitanya’s mercy across this city which he has grown to love. I was wondering how I could repay my debt of my stay with them. So, I surprised the family one evening by setting up a little altar for them. Their very first !


Most of the items on the table came from the Melbourne temple. Some of them, they already had. I also got them a packet of beautiful incense sticks, a Vaishnava song book and that table cloth. When the family entered the room, the first thing they felt was the aroma from the agarbatti and exclaimed, “The room smells just like the temple !”. When they set their eyes on the altar, they all paid their obeisances and stared at it for a while. We had a short kirtan and from that night on, they have started to offer food. Hari Bol !

I was happy too. I think I gave them a nice gift back for their incredible hospitality. Good Vaishnava acts between two people.


4 thoughts on “189. Altar in the city

  1. Dear Manoj Prabhu,
    This is Amit. Thank you very much for sharing this.
    We were blessed to have the company of yours and Mataji.
    We have no words to thank Mataji for her motherly love and affection.
    The Vaishnava song book you gave us is very nice. We have downloaded some of the songs mentioned in that book from Mayapur Iskon website and started doing evening aarti’s daily from that book and we have learnt a few songs also.
    Thank you for setting up a beautiful Altar.

    Thanks and Regards,

    • Dear Amit prabhu,
      what a surprise ! I didn’t know you knew about my blog. Glad to have you here !I wish you all the best in your efforts in Krishna Consciousness. My thanks to Brahma Kunda prabhu who linked us. Hari Bol !

  2. Harobol Prabhu,
    Thanks. I got your website from Vijay prabhu.
    I have started reading it now.
    Thanks to Bramha Kund prabhu that I could get your association.
    Thanks and Regards


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