183. Bruny Island

Hobart (Tasmania)

Waking up to the beautiful sunshine in Tasmania was something that I had been looking forward to over many years. Elements of material desires are still there !! Many travelers had encouraged me to make a visit and I decided that I would do so this summer. No sooner had I woken up today, I made my way to the Tasmanian Information Centre where a waiting guide took me to a ferry. As I waited. I noticed how beautiful the water, the sky and the boats looked.

After a 30 minute ride or so, I undertook an exploration of the extensive wildlife and spectacular coastline of the South Bruny National Park, a remote and wonderful place – unchanged for thousands of years. A few pics below :

Natural Monuments

I have hiked through mountains before but I cannot recollect seeing such massive rock monuments ever. Felt very tiny and vulnerable. These monuments with flat surfaces were formed after millions of years of water hitting against them. No matter how strong the rocks look, it’s the weak looking water through its patience that has smoothed the roughest of rocks. That’s what I need, waters of devotion hitting against my rock-like heart. Will wait.

Life on rocks

Can you spot the bird flying? If not, look where the other’s are looking. That picture was taken on an instinct. Very happy I got it. There were plenty of such birds on the rocky surface and with their constant excretion had made the rocks dirty. Similarly in devotional life, even if the waters of devotion smooths out our pride and ego, there are still so many material elements and distractions flying out there which can tarnish our progress and achievements.

Seals on the rocks

I was wondering what these animals might have been in their past birth? Perhaps, sea travelers wasting their time exploring the bays? Oh Oh. Better get back to land and start chanting !

It was a great day beholding the nature as it is. The amusement parks of humans are nothing compared to the ones created by Krishna. Whether they be small or big, crawling or flying, land or water, stone or living – they are just plain beautiful. And a great way in making one humble.


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