170. Friend’s KC status

Ok…i still can’t sort out the picture upload problems in my blog. The support team at WordPress mentioned that I should upgrade my Internet Explorer to 8 or use FireFox. I am using IE 6.0 and it seems this is over 9 years old. I think I am left behind in the internet world. As I brood over the complexity of upgrading, one of my close friends from India was online and I decided to chat with him. He had accompanied me to Vrindhavan dham recently. But I wasn’t very sure whether he would accept and follow the Krishna Consciousness lifestyle.

me:  Hare Krishna !
 Friend hare krishna
me:  How are you?
 Friendi am good manoj..how are you?
me:  Good to hear that you are doing well. I am doing good as well. Its raining here now yet very warm. About to start my chanting rounds.
 Friendgreat..I am now in 3rd book of 3rd canto
me:  I have been meaning to ask…how is your SB reading, chanting, temple visits going? Are you missing Vrindhavan dham?
me: Oh wow !! I cant wait to meet you again and start discussing SB with you.
 Friendits really gods grace through you..and gurus grace
 me:  that is the best compliment i have ever recd..thank you so much…
 Friendnow, i can understand very well about material energy and also the cosmic structure..most of intuitive questions were answered simply by reading srimad bhagavatham
 me:  you are right…i have always noticed that you ask very relevant questions…pls make sure that you write down your questions as they pop up in a book. With time you can sit and answer these and can, in future help a lot of people too
 Friendi decided not to talk about spirituality, krishna or any science until i read all the volumes
 me:  i understand. but pls record your questions in a book..for your personal viewing only
 Friendyes, i am writing down in a small diary..all my findings
 me:  great…i shall let you go now…i have 16 rounds to go…take care…all the best…
 Friendhappy chanting, hare krishna
 me:  radhe radhe !!

And his online profile against his name says,
To award fearlessness to the common man is the greatest charity – Prabhupada

Oh wow…I felt so good and proud. I have made a devotee ! Wishing him all the best in his KC progress !
Now without fear, I need to upgrade my Internet Explorer.


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