169. Why no posts lately?

Many, many of you have enquired and perhaps wondered why I haven’t posted any new articles, especially over the last 4 weeks. My deepest apologies to all of you. There are 2 main reasons why this hasn’t been happening :

(1) I have been traveling extensively over the last 2 months on work. Bad internet connections and too tired to write anything late in the evening is one reason.

(2) But the main reason is that I have been having some issues with my blog dashboard which doesn’t allow me to upload any images. And if I have no images, then there is nothing much I can write about.  I have one last article to write in my last series on 2009 Vrindhavan visit articles. But I just can’t get the image upload to work. And I didn’t want to start a new topic without finishing the last. So, this is the 2nd excuse.

“Thank you” to all those who enquired and the few hundreds who check this blog out everyday. I can see you in the stats section ! I shall do my best to get this image issue sorted out. Till then, this new blog entry (with no images) is me getting back to being consistent ! Hooray ! I mean, Hari Bol.


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