168. Part 12 – My 3rd Vrindhavan Trip

Few hours in the small forest

The Forest Overview

The Forest Overview

Covered on all sides by a high wall, the Nidivana forest is within Vrindhava town. The trees are small in height here. Peeping into this “courtyard” of forest, are houses all around, offering its residents a view of the holy land. The view is priceless compared to a million dollar beach estate ! This is the area where Krishna and Radha rested after enacting their Rasa lila pastimes.

When I reached the spot, it was late morning and the Sun was intense. Covering my head with a cloth, securing my spectacles from the monkeys, starting a fresh round of chanting and taking a deep breath of happiness, I entered the forests, praying that my mind doesn’t wander away too much.

Forest Within

Forest Within

Once again, it’s the cool ground that captures your attention first. Then, there is the shade. What a contrast. Super hot outside and cool on the inside. There were many village visitors from in and around Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Bengal. They were singing very melodious bhajans at many spots within the forest. It was nice to sit amongst them and listen to their haunting voices.

Forest Path

Forest Path

This was one such spot where the travelers sat and sang for almost 30 minutes. An old lady would sing and her family members would sing back the same lines. Also, the spot where I sat and completed a few rounds of my chanting. What a pleasure ! Sitting under the thin trees, on the ground and with leaves up above. The mind was peaceful. It was great. I was told by a tour guide last year that the trees bent down and its branches touching the ground during day time and at night they all get up, readying themselves for another night of beholding Radha Krishna’s pastimes. No one stares at this mystical forest at night, it seems in order to respect the personal of time of Lord and that residents around the wall have their windows shut.

Forest Visitors

Forest Visitors

Besides humans and monkeys, the place also attracted many hyperactive squirrels. They happen to be my favourite animal (after cow, of course !). They seemed happy as they had no one to run away from.

I was in no hurry to finish the parikrama. Did it as slow as I could. Took in as much of the smell, sounds and sights as possible. If one wasn’t enough, I went on  3 rounds of parikrama ! And I wasn’t tired at all. In fact, I felt more relaxed. More rested.

Read more about this forest at http://vrindavana.dasya.com/index.php/Nidhivana


2 thoughts on “168. Part 12 – My 3rd Vrindhavan Trip

    • Dear Ramanuja,
      Nice to hear from you again.
      Its a beautiful place but I have my doubts on how far our people (Indians) will go in keeping the place clean and tidy. They may fight over it but maintenance doesn’t seem to be their cup of tea.


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