166. Part 10 – My 3rd Vrindhavan Trip

During one of the daily temple visits, I happened to visit the famous Radha Raman temple. It was the day after Sri Krishna Janmasthami and there were plenty of people about in the streets. As I stepped into the temple, there was plenty going on there too !

Getting rich

Getting rich

The temple looked beautiful in the late morning. The sunlight came through the roof onto the marble floor. Below the roof was a decoration of mango leaves, banana leaves and flowers. People thronged the floor, not to gaze at the diety there but to watch the local kids nearly fight it out to collect the money that came floating to them from the balcony above.

Balcony above, cash in the middle, fighting kids below

Balcony above, cash in the middle, fighting kids below

In the balcony around the temple but within the main compound, families (perhaps belonging to the temple caretakers) would throw money from above. As the children waited below, jostling one another, they would be sprayed water from a garden hose above. Wet, tired and a sore neck, the kids were having the time of their life earning some cash. 

Waiting to get that money

Waiting to get that money

I know at the ISKCON Krishna-Balaram mandir, in the evening after Janmasthami, the courtyard would host a sport where devotees break a pot of yoghurt (or maybe butter) hanging from the ceiling above, using a long pole and blindfolded. I know there is some connection of this game to Krishna lilas.

But does anyone know what  sport is this at Radha Raman temple?


2 thoughts on “166. Part 10 – My 3rd Vrindhavan Trip

  1. Shri Radharaman Temple and all other temples follow the traditional style of Nandotsav.
    All Goswamis who belong to the Temple and their disciples throw the gifts to every Brijwasi from upstairs with the happiness that Lord has born in their temples. This is what Nand Baba and Yashoda Mata did from their house and all Kings did from their palace.

    What ISKCON do is not even a Nandotsav. They play the pastime when Lord used to play with His friends and steal butter from brijwasi houses. Jai Radhe Radhe


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