163. Part 7 – My 3rd Vrindhavan Trip

Goverdhan Parikrama – The Finish


Kusuma-Sarovara : The beautiful face of Goverdhana

Kusuma-sarovara is one of the most beautiful architectural wonder I have ever seen. Throughout my school days of learning Indian history, the many wonders of India books that I had read or the numerous documentaries I have seen on TV, never before have I ever been introduced to this palace. It was in my first trip to Vrindhavan 2 years ago that I came across this place. I remember then, how wonder struck I was. It’s just beautiful. The building was erected around 1764 by the King of Bharatpura, Maharaja Jawahir Singh. Its dedicated to the transcendental pastimes loving pastimes of Sri-Sri Radha and Krishna that were enacted here on the banks of this lake. I usually sit here for 45 mins of so, staring at the blue sky above, the palace in the middle and the lake below.


Manasi-ganga : The Celestial Lake

 After many more kilometers of walk, I finally reached the banks of Manasi-ganga.

Manasi-ganga intensely enjoys the pleasurable taste
of the boating pastimes of Gandharvika and Muru-vimardhana
With her plentiful waves she pushes about piles of effulgent
rocks from Goverdhana Hill. May this lake give me protection.
– Vraja-vilas-stava 64 by Raghunatha dasa Gosvami

This celestial lake is the largest of all the sacred kundas found in the Vraja area. Like the Goverdhana Hill, the lake is also shrinking everyday. One who bathes in this lake, not only gets rid of all their sins but will also achieve prema-bhakti, the highest platform of love for Krishna. Woohoo !!

The starting and ending point

The starting and ending point

And that’s it. Shortly after the time spent at Manasi ganga, I reached the starting point. The parikrama was over. I know you won’t believe it if I say…but I took close to 10 hours to finish this parikrama as compared to the normal 4 hours! This is because I didn’t want to hurry up. I walked slowly, took in as much of the scenery as I could, read as much as possible about each spiritual sites and also complete my chanting rounds properly. And the best part was that I wasn’t an ounce tired, had no cuts to my feet and I was super satisfied with the outcome. Fully pumped up and ready to do another one!


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